"One of my best ever investments was make-up artists Irena from London. She’s very popular in the fashion industry and really knows her stuff. Initially she came over to my house in London to only show me how I should do my make-up on the wedding-day, but I then asked her to actually come to Rockley and do it for me. She was kind enough to accept to do that as the return on investment is not tremendous for her and she could have done a bigger job in the entire day in London, but she did it regardless. Also, I would have been incapable of putting myself decent make-up on that day. too nervous, so it was great to have her! She also did the make-up of the other female members of my family so they all looked gorgeous as well. "

"Dearest Irena, thank you for being the most wonderful make-up artist and making me feel a million dollars on our special day! It must have been a very tiring day especially after your early morning start but we were glad you stayed to see how the mauriti & chinese like to party!"   Lots of love Ellie &David xx

"Thank you so much for coming up North to celebrate our wedding. Not only that but doing my make –up. You did such amazing job that I actually looked quite nice for once! We had an amazing time and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did." 
Lots of love Kate +Jake xxx