Why would I book a trial and how long it will last?

It's necessary to book a trial in order to decide on the perfect make up look for your special day. Trial could last for unto 3 hours , until you are happy with the bridal make up look I designed for you.

How far in advance should I book a make up trial?

I recommend that the trial is booked at least 3 weeks in advance, no more than 6 weeks in advance before your wedding, especially if you plan on using fake tan. Not only that, but your bridal gown will be ready by then, you will have veil/ accessories; confirmed number of people for make up service, image reference will be put together. You will be in final stage of your wedding preparation with all your beauty details in place. All this is taken into consideration and worked with when we are designing your bridal make up look. Also your skin could be different in winter month than spring/ summer month. How many of us has drier skin in the winter, oilier in the summer? As a result of this, it may require totally different make up products to be used and that will also affect how it will wear.

Is the make up you use of good quality?

Being an established fashion make up artist, I am sponsored by Chanel, Giorgio Armani, YSL among many other cosmetic companies and use the best available beauty products to create flawless and radiant make-up look for your wedding to ensure that it lasts all day. 

Will my make up last all day?

It will, apart of waterproof and sweet resistant products I use different sealers and primers to help make up last all day  and they are chosen to suit your skin type.

Is it better to book make up and hair separately or one person doing both on the day?

If you have a large bridal party (bride + 2 people or more) it is better to book separate  make-up artists and hairstylist on the day, to allow your desired looks to be created in a shorter amount of time  while maintaining the quality of their work to the highest standard.

Booking one person for larger bridal parties will require you to book an assistant to help out with make-up and hair on the day, to ensure that the quality of work is consistent for all members of the bridal party. So you won’t be reducing your cost, you are still paying for 2 people  and quality of work might not be the same as when booking separate professional make up artist and hairdresser. 

If you are looking for a make-up artist and hair stylist to work only on you, booking an artist who can do both will reduce the cost.